Do you need a book cover?

Some people will argue that the cover might be the deciding factor on whether they will read a book or not. Others are fine with generic stock images, as long as the content is good.

The biggest deal breaker for me when searching for a thriller is a full face close up of a person. It just makes me cringe and becomes a definite no go for me. Anything other than that, I can live with.

For a children’s book however, it is a must to make the cover as eye catching as possible. And stock images are most likely not going to do that.

Over the months I have been asked quite often if I could make drawings for free or for very cheap. And honestly, since it’s something I love doing, I gladly would. But… my bills need to be paid as well.

I think such an investment might stop many people from publishing their book. So if you’re not ready for a big project, how about just a book cover?

I offer the following for a book cover:

  • Price: 50 euro
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Initial quick sketch is for free. If you like the direction it is going in, 50% of the price shall be payed after initial sketch. Remaining 50% after approval of final design.
  • Unlimited evaluations
  • Delivery will be in various document types (jpg, png, RGB, CMYK, pdf)
  • Any book format is possible
  • If needed, I can help with uploading the cover
  • You must like my drawing style. Unfortunately I am not able to draw in any other style

So if you need a book cover, email me on :

How important are book covers for you? Any dealbreakers? 😄



  1. Book covers generally don’t matter to me at all—I listened to audiobooks for years and couldn’t even tell you what was on the covers. However, I 100% agree with you about the covers of books for children—they are visual creatures and awesome designs get (and keep) their attention/interest. If only I wrote books at all, I’d certainly use your services—I love your style and sense of humor in your artwork!


  2. Your “style” helps the cover pass the “postage stamp test,” which makes sure the image is eye-catching and the text is still readable even when reduced in size.

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  3. I also only listen to audiobooks. It allows me to be more efficient. So yeah, book covers don’t have a great impact on my choice.
    Narrators however….. why does every decent book have to be read by Brittany Presley. I just can’t stand her way of dragging the words 😅

    I am so happy to hear you like the humor aspect! I feel like people do like it on the blog, but wouldn’t choose it for their book.

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  4. A good book cover is super important, in my opinion. I wouldn’t buy a book based on the cover alone, but if a book-cover catches my eye, I’m far more likely to read the book description or skim through the first few pages.


  5. hehehe, very true! I was really surprised by how expensive the covers were to buy. I kind of get it from the designer’s perspective, but if you’re a beginning author, every penny counts because you might actually sell nothing at all… But, of course I see it from your side, too. I have to say that covers DO matter. Since I don’t read book by author’s name, it’s the covers that attract me when I look at the shelves at the bookstore. The blurb is the 2nd thing I look at. They both have to match and be great. If not, I put it away. But, for me to pick it up, it has to pass the first test – cover.


  6. I don’t like covers with people on it all that much. I like something that makes me think – like an object or a place that will become crucial to the story.


  7. Eh… nothing fun. Someone recommended a non-fiction book to me on the topic of the industry I work in and I couldn’t get past 25% of it. 1. I don’t agree with some of it at all as I think the author is biased and it’s just so dryyyyy.

    Then I borrowed ‘Lead Yourself First: Inspiring Leadership Through Solitude.’ Again – a non-fiction book (I think you know these are not my preferred.) while it has some wise insights, most of the chapters are about figures from history and their careers. I don’t need to know how an army commander won a certain battle. I only fish out the lessons. So, I end up skipping a bit. Yawn.

    What’s the title?


  8. I stumbled upon a book many years back called “Halo.” It had nothing to do with the video game “Halo,” just to be clear. It was a Y.A. romance about angels. It wasn’t the kind of thing I normally read, but I ended up enjoying it. Never would have picked it up or known anything about it, though, if not for the cover.

    Hopefully this link works:


  9. Non fiction books, especially self improvement books, annoy me because 50% seems to be the author either bragging about their own achievements and referring to their many other “award winning best sellers”.

    The title is “the kind worth saving”.

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