Scarlett Jones series by Frances Lewis

Scarlett tt Jones gets ready to sail the seven seas in this super-fun adventure!
The intrepid Scarlett finds herself dealing with a very pesky pirate – can she help her new friend Shelley the mermaid find all of her fishy friends? Or will Captain Gunwhale make Scarlett walk the plank?
Avast me hearties, and join Scarlett on this rip-roaring ocean odyssey!

Scarlett Jones, the quite nearly six year old adventurer, is back with a brand new festive story!
Super secret amazing inventor Granny has transported Scarlett to the North Pole to meet Santa – but when she arrives, the workshop is in a mess! Can Scarlett help to avoid a Christmas catastrophe? Find out in this shiny new adventure, featuring elves, reindeer, polar bears and more!

It’s Halloween, and it’s Scarlett’s favourite time of year! But when her Granny magically transports her to a haunted house, she discovers that not everyone is enjoying themselves… just how do you cheer up a sad vampire?

Find out how Scarlett and her trick or treater friends help a monster in need, in this spook-tacular autumn adventure!

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Scarlett Jones is six years old and loves going to her Granny’s house – because Granny is a super-secret amazing inventor! One of Granny’s amazing inventions magically transports Scarlett into a world of knights and wizards… and a big, grumpy dragon. What can Scarlett do to help, when the dragon won’t stop roaring? Find out in this colourful and funny adventure story, for children aged 5 to 8 years old!