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I have been a vegetarian since the age of 9. And since this were the late 90s, I wasn’t influenced by any social media campaigns. But rather because we lived very near a pig’s slaughter. The crying of the animals, the smell and just the general thought of them being killed, just became a bit much to me.

Back in those days, vegetarianism wasn’t as “sexy” as it is today. And certainly there weren’t many vegetarian products or cookbooks. So I ended up having B12 and iron deficiencies.

Luckily, these days, more vegetarian products makes it to the supermarkets and I am able to compose a quite delicious meal.

But I do think the vegan lifestyle has gone a bit out of control on social media. I am most definitely against animal cruelty, but we can’t just put all farmers out of business without an alternative.

Anyhow, what REALLY blew my mind was when I stepped into H&M and looked around the bag section.

A big sign saying VEGAN was attached to each of the bags!

Maybe some people would fall for it, thinking it is cool to walk around with a vegan bag. But surely I can’t be the only one who knows it is the same cheap, plastic-y material! 😅

Anyhow, I had to make a doodle about it 😄



  1. Ha! Love it! I laughed at that, too, when I saw it a few years back. It seems hard to get a real leather bag these days. And some people would probably look at you as if you were the worst. But they are just so beautiful. Same with shoes.

    Over the Christmas break, I was watching some reality TV to fill in the time and there was a vegan participant who would not allow others to eat meat in her presence. People apologized to her if they forgot and snacked on something that was not vegan. Overdone much?

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  2. There is just too much we are forced to be guilty about these days.
    Leather items are more durable than cheap nylon. So nylon items will have to be thrown away more frequently and I just read about how that affects the environment.
    How about we take a minute to think about that?!
    People just hear that one word and justify everything with it!

    Good to see you back on the blog! Please stay 😀

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  3. So very true about the longevity of such products… I guess we should all switch to paper bags 😀

    I’m torn about blogging, but I think I’m going to give it a go. I might write less often but we shall see. Stay tuned!

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  4. That’s pretty funny, but sadly a reality in some business rounds 🙄


  5. Other people dictating what I should eat or do does not sit well with me. I hate sounding like an old fart (even though I am one), but people are leaning too much on the side of politically correct instead of being who they really are.

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  6. I think some of this is down to brands adding labels to things that never had animal products to begin with. It can be helpful for those seeking to avoid it, but to me that’s far more important with food than other items. I mean I’m quite for anything that makes it easier for people with allergens to avoid what they needed.

    As for the bags, yeah, most of those will be plastic (without collagen glue), but it sounds like there is some interesting work being done in the background to make more sustainable alternatives to leather. Like Piñatex, which uses fibers from pineapple plants (already grown for the pineapples) to create a fake leather. I don’t think I’ve seen one in person before, but it’s something I’d definitely like see at some point and, if it looks and feels well, I would likely take that over real leather.


  7. I remember I went flying on Delta back when they had meals, and I put in the order for a vegetarian meal, and the flight attendant gave me a chicken meal. I was polite (much more so than I am now) but I told them that I ordered a vegetarian meal, and they were insistent that it was a vegetarian meal! Then the attendant got mad at me and told me if I didn’t like my vegetarian meal, I could jump out of the plane. Ha! (I ended up getting a free flight!)


  8. Enjoyed your doodle. I often think of the marketing round table and WHO is on it when some of the ads are bad or super good. It’s is amusing. There is a funny skit on YouTube about how IKEA got their name. If you can find it, you’ll get a good laugh. Thanks for making us smile.


  9. Yeah! Just because it’s didn’t kill an animal doesn’t mean it’s friendly to the environment.

    I also ”love” the vintage and re-love trend. It’s flea market clothes but when you call it something fancier, it’s way more attractive!! 😇 (as a mum of growing kids, I sell and buy lots of 2nd hand clothes and totally support it! But the fancy names you see there and there make me cringe. Like ”circular economy”, etc..)


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