The snake family


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  1. Hi Andrea! I love your work! We’ve been talking about writing a kid’s series based on our silly sled doggies here by Yellowstone and would need an illustrator. Can you draw huskies? 🤔


  2. Ohh! I don’t think I ever tried drawing a husky, but I am certainly intrigued and would like to give it a go.

    Especially since you mention Yellowstone. I have never been, but watched a few nature documentaries. It would be so cool to draw a bit of that nature and perhaps some of the other wildlife if that’s in the book.

    Usually I like to do a few sketches just to see if I am actually able to draw it and see if you like it.
    If not, no problem. I am sure I will be able to use it one way or another 🙂

    If the book is not written yet, could you perhaps send a list of few of the characters and the scenery (including the season)?

    My email is:

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  3. I will email you soon! We’ve just been batting it around, our pups are such characters and we take our sled dogs to the local school kids during racing season so they can meet “real” huskies (we don’t race them) and pet them so a book would be so fun! Ah, I’m rambling now. This is exciting! We’ll be in touch soon! xo


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