Read until you sleep

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  1. I read before sleep. It helps me unwind and prepares me for sleep. However, when a book is good, it’s hard to actually put it down and go to sleep. I have to remind myself that work is waiting the following morning.


  2. Agreed. Have you read the Bird Box? It was interesting. I’m now reading Malorie, which is a sequel. I definitely see some plot holes but it keeps me wondering how this will end. (Probably in book 3 or 4 lol)


  3. Ah, I’ve fallen asleep with books in my arms, but I’ve heard of quite a few people now who drift off listening to audiobooks. Maybe I should try the same thing the next time I have trouble sleeping. Hehe.


  4. I am a bit odd when it comes to this, but I like to listen to something while trying to fall asleep.
    Sometimes it is a guided meditation video and sometimes audiobooks.

    It has happened a couple of times that I would fall asleep and very vividly dream the things described in the audiobook.

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  5. Ooh, I don’t think that’s odd at all. In fact, it sounds amazing, especially in terms of dreaming the books that you’re listening to. It’s a little like being able to choose a movie for the evening, while still getting a rest night’s sleep.


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