Today’s post is inspired by Tyler, who plays an impressive range of musical instruments 👇
(Hope I didn’t forget any!)

I am certainly a bit envious, because I wasn’t born is that type of musical talent unfortunately.

I did give the flute a chance when I was young and eventually was able to play “Mary had a little lamb” 😁
Nowadays, I sometimes practice on the electronic keyboard and I am able to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

But mainly I love to listen to listen to music.
Pretty much anything and in any language.
And I am always keen to explore more.

And when I discovered Tyler’s music, I was immediately hooked!
So, I suggest you check it out and do the same!


In Denmark, August and September are dedicated to Jazz concerts in the city center and I live right in the middle of it and find it very soothing to listen to.
But until those months, I will have to do with the karaoke bar right across the street 😅



  1. Ah, it’s quite an accomplishment to be able to play Beethoven’s Fur Elise, though! I love hearing about the ways you’ve been able to get involved with or just enjoy music out in your community.


  2. Andrea, these illustrations are wonderful! I am so flattered that I could be the source of inspiration for them. I wish I could play all the instruments pictured well! I’m a pretty good saxophonist and singer, haha, and I am improving on the piano. Guitar is still a work-in-progress—ha!—but I am having fun with it.

    Thank you again!


  3. Still, you should give yourself more credit for learning that song. I can read piano music (nothing too advanced, just the basic range of notes), but playing one of Beethoven’s pieces is impressive. I’ve also heard that, on average, many people might change their careers or go back to school in their 30s–so it seems to be a good age to learn new things as well. Hehe.


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