Night Music (Inspired by Joyce

I am pretty sure most of us were raised with the advice to work hard and become good at something and you will be able to do anything you like.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

You will rarely find people that are 100% happy with their workplace if you take everything in consideration.
There were times that I liked my job a lot and even the manager was a nice guy, but the daily commute of 3 hours just didn’t seem worth it.

And so people start a blog with the hope that someone out there will discover their talent.

And whenever I come across such a someone, I keep thinking “Shitty books become bestsellers, but everyone sleeps on this person?!”.
And these people are not occasional writers, but actually post on a regular basis. Each post better than the other.

One of these bloggers is Joyce.
Her style is very dreamy and transports me to a different, much nicer world.

Especially her latest poem gave me a very vivid picture of the scenery.
So I couldn’t help myself, I had to draw it!

So, hop over to her post and let me know if you feel like her words suit my drawing:

Night Music by Joyce



  1. Definitely suits it Andrea! 😁👍 Beautiful poem with a beautiful picture!👌


  2. Wow, this illustration is awe-inspiring, Andrea! It fills me with great joy to know you enjoyed my work that much, and it encourages me to continue doing my best as a writer. Thank you! You have brought a much-needed smile to my face. ^_^

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  3. So glad you like it!
    I don’t know what you look like, but I did want to use the elements that I do know about you.
    Since you’re a writer, you must like books and of course your cat.

    Thank YOU for the inspiration and I hope it will send some readers and followers your way!

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  4. Yes, I did.

    It should be under the book plug in the right sidebar. I’ve had issues on other sites where the cookies notifications obscures the floating follow option and clicking the “I accept cookies” button solves that. I’ve also had to add some sites manually via search within WP reader. I’m not sure what causes any of these issues.


  5. It really brightened my day, and you did an eerily great job of drawing me–although I do wear glasses (hehe). The harmonica was exactly right, and I had to laugh at seeing Salem so calm and peaceful. She does have those moments, and they are always a blessing.

    Anyway, thank you so much again for the illustration, and for highlighting my work for other readers. It means a lot.


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