When I think about karaoke, my immediate thought isn’t necessarily about someone singing with a decent voice.

But my judgement might not be entirely fair since I have lived across a karaoke bar for a few years. Every weekend I am “ spoiled” with the sound of drunken teenagers singing their hearts out.

And since I am not a great singer myself, I feel perfectly comfortable singing along with them on long summer nights while enjoying a glass of wine on the balcony 😉

Last week, Heather posted a link of her karaoke story on an app called Smule in a radio interview.

And everything I thought I knew about karaoke was just flushed down the loo!

Heather sang a couple of songs in that radio interview, including duets. And I could already tell that the Smule app has more talent than the commercial music industry!

I downloaded the app immediately. And while I won’t be showcasing my own voice on it, it is so fun to explore all this talent!

But if YOU happen to have a talent for singing, it just looks like a wonderful community!

And who knows, maybe one day you get discovered. Not everyone with a singing talent has to become a pop star, but imagine you could make people happy with your passion on smaller, more meaningful stages!

So, if this post hasn’t convinced you, check out Heather’s radio interview here:


As well as her Smule page:


And of course, I was inspired to make a karaoke/Smule themed illustration 😄



  1. Thank you for linking to me, my Smule profile, and my radio feature in such a beautiful way!! 🥰🥰🥰 Now, onto narrating an audiobook! 😉


  2. You are very welcome! Awesomeness must be shared!

    Lately I have been very disappointed with both authors and narrators. The stories seem just about bearable and narrators just don’t seem to have and breath control.
    So yes! Goldie should totally write a Hannibal Lector type of story and you do the audio.
    I’d be in heaven 😅

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  3. Aww, I’m delighted!! ♥️

    No, I’ve never sung at an event—only at karaoke or with a choir. I generally don’t consider myself a “lead” singer—I much prefer singing backup and harmonies…they are usually way more fun to me.


  4. I like that you said that! People often don’t acknowledge the the back up people enough.
    From work, I remember the project manager always getting all the praise, while us, engineers, have done all the hard work 😅

    If you ever run out of songs, I’d like to request: Shania Twain – dance with the one that brought you


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