Book cliches

Like most of you on here, I love books. I can’t even remember a day when I didn’t listen to an audiobook.

The bad thing about this is that you start to notice cliché sentences that keep appearing in every single book!

Today I summed up a few that I find most annoying.

Let me know if you agree and have any additional ones!

1. ….but the smile didn’t reach their eyes

2. She released the breath she didn’t realize she was holding

3. The pain felt like a 5000 amp electrical shock travelling through my body

I am sure people within the medical or police field sometimes cringe when reading books that mentions inaccuracies within their professional field. And for me, as a former Electrical Engineer, phrases like this make me queasy.

You would never even feel 5000 Amps, because as little as 0.1 Amps will put you 6ft underground.

4. I heard a gut wrenching scream and then realized….it was me

5. I turned the shower as hot as my body could possibly tolerate

6. She looked at me like I was something on bottom of her shoe



  1. She was as white as a sheet. He looked like he’d seen a ghost, to name a few.
    However, the following, has been used at least once in the last 4 audio books I’ve listened to:

    “I didn’t have a choice!” He said.
    “We always have a choice” she said.

    Please stop.

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  2. As a writer I have used # 1, mainly because it shows an emotion instead of telling, but I try to stay away from cliches as much as possible

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  3. Don’t forget ‘It isn’t what you think’. Like of course it isn’t what they think. Tell them why not. Go on.

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