We all have different definitions of happiness

And this is mine 😉



  1. I used to be the same. Funnily enough, after having lived in a warmer/sunnier climate for a few years now, this has changed a bit.

    If you want to turn this ‘definitions of happiness’ into a series, you could do someone who loves to socialize (party with a lot of people) and then someone who sits in a corner at a party.

    (No, I have not forgotten about the story submission. I promise, it’s coming by the end of the month!)

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  2. I would also be happier with the curtains closed. The house is heating up fast in the summer.

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  3. You are from Belgium, right?
    I lived there for a while, but I can’t remember what the windows are like now.
    In Denmark windows are huge, so the house heats up like mad.
    Also, I don’t particularly like that people can see straight into my living room 😓

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