Creative Gems project

Now that Creative Gems Volume 1 has been published, I am very happy to organize a part 2!

This is basically a book collaboration process where I would like to ask all of you to write a short story or poem based on any of my drawings. And then the collection will be published as a book.

In order to keep consistency, here are a few ground rules.
But if you have any questions/suggestions, please do let me know 

Language: English

Word count: maximum of 1500 words 

Choose any drawing from this page: Creative gems available drawings

You can request small changes of course!

Deadline: 30 November 2022

It should be suitable for children.

Please let me know if you want to “claim” a drawing so that we avoid having the same drawing multiple times.

If I don’t answer your email in 2 days, please leave a comment here. I don’t trust email anymore as it sometimes just doesn’t do its job.

Feel free to spread the word. Everyone of any age is more than welcome to participate 

Thank you in advance!