Collaborate with me

Are you looking for illustrations to publish a picture book?
Make birthday cards?
Or just something to hang on your wall?
I am willing to help!

If you have a look on my site, you’ll pretty quickly notice my style.
I like to draw animals, food and objects with a funny face on it and use vivid colors.
If that suits your concept, I’d be happy to collaborate!

So, what does the process look like?

Some people are very specific about what they want. Others want to see what I come up with.
And both is equally fine!

I aim to send you a draft drawing within 24 hours.
From there on we can see if it works for you.
I will continue until you are 100% happy, so feel free to be completely honest.
No feelings will get hurt, I promise 😉

And if either of us feels that it just won’t work, then we can simply stop the process.


I charge 10EUR ( 12USD/9GBP) per drawing.
Payment shall be done only after 100% satisfaction and preferably over PayPal.


I don’t draw humans.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please let me know via my contact page or email me directly on

Thank you,


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