At the dinner table

I don’t actually eat from fast food restaurants, because I doubt their kitchen is up to my hygiene standard 😬 also I have been a vegetarian “before it was cool” who only occasionally eats fish, so the choices are limited.

But yeah, I hardly ever have the patience to eat slow. Though, I probably should 😅


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  1. I’m the opposite one, I can’t eat faster.
    “A vegetarian who rarely eats fish.” That’s something I’ve heard for the first time, lol!


  2. Italian dishes are my favorite, as well as BBQ selections too. In college I use to inhale pizza so rules were made about sharing pies as I would be on my second slice before folks had even half finished their first. 😅


  3. I think the official term is Pescetarian , which most people have never heard of . So either,I end up having to explain myself 😅
    In Europe, vegetarianism isn’t as “accepted” as in some other parts of the world and therefore, the products available are a bit limited. So the occasional fish is just to keep a slight variety in diet 🙂

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  4. ‘Pescetarian’ – that’s something new to me, thanks!!
    Glad to know this new thing about European culture as well.
    Sorry you needed to explain yourself again 😅.


  5. Hehehe, this is fun.
    Your illustrations have always been awesome, but there seems to be even more finesse to them lately. Well done!
    I actually do like to eat slowly. Your brain is slower at realizing you’ve satisfied your hunger, so if you eat fast, you don’t feel full until you are overstuffed. Eating slowly allows you to recognize the fullness sooner.
    Now, when it comes to dessert or popcorn, it’s a different story.


  6. Hahah, more often than not, the popcorn is gone before the movie even starts 😄

    Eating slower is definitely something I want to practice. I definitely need to chew more. It is also way better for the digestion.

    Thank you! I actually spent quite some time watching video about this new illustration app I started using. 90% of the videos is self promotion which is just annoying. But the remaining percentage of the video is actually useful information .

    Does this mean you be back on the blog? 🥹

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  7. I hope to be… I’m entering an even busier and more stressful time, but I REALLY want to be back. I need to write. People in real like keep asking me what I’ve been writing (not that any of them have read anything of mine as I don’t share it) and I keep saying ‘nothing.’ It feels weird. Writing has become my identity, not only for myself but others, it seems.


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