When people tell you to just be yourself…

But you feel like an alien on earth 😉



  1. We need to laugh more, especially when things aren’t that positive. Mission accomplished indeed. 🙂


  2. Big brother is always watching you!
    Hahah nah, to be honest, the frequent visitors on my blog seem to have the same mind set as me.

    And that might just be the first time I met a group of people who aren’t pretentious and look at situations that are not ideal with humor! And that just feels great to me 😄😄

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  3. I hear you! I love it when somebody laughs at stuff I say and immediately says I shouldn’t be laughing at this. Best feeling.

    My favorite saying is what doesn’t kill you makes you funnier.

    I’m glad we’re both connecting with the kind of folks that get us – that means we’re both being ourselves! Best part! 💙💙


  4. I love your version of the saying!
    Long time ago, on another blog, I wrote about this.

    You know what, you gave me inspiration for a new post and drawing! I will work on hat today and will refer to your blog in the post! Z😄


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