One single ticket to this place, please 😉


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  1. Not the same, but heading to Rome on vacay in less than two weeks—looking forward to spending a couple weeks bopping around eating Italian food and seeing churches!


  2. Oh that’s awesome! Out of all the places I have visited, Rome impressed me the most! It’s like walking into a history book! And all the main attractions are relatively close to each other.
    So you can just go by foot from the city centre.

    Just make sure to have some cash with you. I remember when we were there, we were for 2 hours in the queue to get into the Vatican, turns out you could only pay by cash and there was no cash machine nearby!!

    You’re going to have the best time anyways, I’m sure – it’s the pizza country 🤭😄

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  3. We usually do a ton of walking on our vacations, so I’m happy to hear that!

    Thanks for the tip! I always carry cash, but I’ll make sure to have plenty on hand when we go to the Vatican!

    I’m looking forward to it!! 🤩


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