Well in that case… 😉


If you like to participate in Creative Gems 3, please see more info here:

CG 3 info

CG available drawings



  1. H , Andrea,

    I’d love to participate. Since Christmas is a big thing in our house, I’d like to ‘claim’ drawing 8fef889c-2b78-4ca8-87d1-016606624c3a

    Rudolf speeding on his sled to the workshop (please tell me if that isn’t Rudolf or if I shouldn’t use his name—but he does have a red nose!

    I have no problem meeting deadlines, and I have the germ of a story idea already. I am really enjoying your drawings.


    RJ Minnick

    rjminnick@charter.net rjminnick@charter.net

    http://www.findingrobinsstory.com http://www.findingrobinsstory.com

    robinjminnick.substack.com https://robinjminnick.substack.com/


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