Jared Leto getting ready for the MET gala

I never understood much of fashion. And certainly not some of the outfits I saw on photos of the MET gala. But Jared Leto really made me scratch my head.

Can somebody explain this to me? 😅😅

And of course I felt compelled to make a doodle out of it 😄

I do think he is an awesome actor. And I know, most people will remember his performance as the joker. But I would recommend “house of Gucci”.

He plays his part wonderfully. In fact, the entire cast did such an amazing job, so I would definitely recommend that movie 😄



  1. It represented the recently departed fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld’s (of Chanel) cat Choupette, who apparently was handsomely provided for in Karl’s will and is a celebrity in her own right. Jared is nof the only one that attended the Met gala in a Choupette-inspired outfit this year…there were three. It was fashion’s way of paying homage to Karl’s memory. Weird in execution, but touching in meaning.

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  2. Fashion now makes even less sense to me, which is actually something I would like to thank you for. 🙂


  3. Your art is amazing!
    If you haven’t watched Dallas Buyers Club I highly recommend you should.
    Jared Leto is phenomenal in that movie.


  4. Idc what others think but his costume was good for a chuckle, and people always do weird things for fashion that aren’t even worth it but his was fine nevertheless for an event like met Gala this costume was a joke but then you see candle and doja . Fashion has become synonym for weirdness.


  5. You’re welcome 😊
    I hope you enjoy the movie.
    Yes I do agree with you. Actors like him are hard to come by these days.


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