The warmest hug

When it comes to childhood traumas, I had quite a few. Some more serious than others. But one that has always stuck by me was when my mum put my favourite toy in the washing machine. And while she had the best intentions, the poor duck somehow got decapitated. Even though it was fixed soon, I was heart broken seeing my best friend suffer 😥

I don’t know if it is because of this event, or just the fact that I love animals, or because the landlord doesn’t allow pets, but our apartment is filled with stuffed toys. From cute small ones to large ones and every continent is well represented 😄

Over the years, J (my other half) and I have created a character for each of them and they are my biggest inspiration for my drawings!

So if you ever see a sassy shark on my site, just know that he was created after this guy:

The rule is, who ever gets out of bed first, must put Sharky under the covers 😉

The Dutch translation for a stuffed toy is knuffel and actually has two meaning:

  • Stuffed toy, and
  • Hug

And to me, these two go together perfectly, because what can give better comfort than a hug and your favourite stuffed animal 🥹

I wish WP would allow us to add pictures in the comments already, because I am curious if you guys have a stuffed toy which is meaningful to you and what it looks like! 🙂


  1. My mum washed my bear and all the stuffing went to his legs and he flopped over, no longer able to sit up. Still loved him with his chunky legs.

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  2. Aww, stuffed toys tend to be an overlooked aspect of our childhoods, but they are important as well. Good on you for paying tribute to them here (so cute!).


  3. I have a dark red teddy bear named Cranbeary who still sits on my bed. Have you read the Knuffel Bunny children’s books? They were a fav with my grandson; we read them over and over when he was small. Thank you for the sweet story.


  4. Mine was a duck, when I was young. It was knitted for me by one of my aunts. I really can’t remember what happened to it. It was a snuggly companion at bedtime. I hope it ended well.


  5. Oh the pun of his name!Very witty!
    I have not, no! But it sounds lovely! My previous neighbours had a bunny and I was more more than happy to pet sit this cute little creature!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story 😊😊


  6. ❤️ My favorite stuffed animal is a large bear I got from my dad during a very difficult time in our lives. I held onto it throughout my life, and as I grew, the large bear appeared smaller and smaller. But its presence in my life only grew more significant, especially after my dad passed away a couple of years ago.


  7. Hehe. I know the feeling (I’m 34), but plush toys can certainly remain sources of comfort even as adults. And they can also be passed along to children to form even more memories, eventually. ^_^


  8. That’s cute, I have a stuffed unicorn named Twinkle 🙂 My best friend got it for me quite a few years ago because I don’t have any pets and she said I needed something to hug. She said him being purple and sparkly reminded her of me.


  9. I think a stuffed toy is a great substitute for a pet.
    My landlord doesn’t allow pets and the apartment wouldn’t really be suitable for it anyhow, so I am surrounded by stuffed animals. I enjoy the larger ones in particular.

    Twinkle is such a wonderful name and such a kind gesture of your friend. I am sure the unicorn is a very special gift 🙂

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  10. I agree 🙂 Aww thanks, yes for sure. Thank you for sharing your stories 🙂


  11. This is very timely for me. I haven’t had any stuffed animals for some time, but I’ve noticed that some of my students like sharing about their stuffed animals during our lessons. And then I started thinking about how my mom (now passed on) used to have shelves full of dolls and stuffed animals. Last week I picked up the softest stuffed Easter bunny on the clearance rack, and I felt my heart melt as I brought it to my chest. Now he sits on my shelf, always available for another squeeze. 🙂


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