1. I get SO annoyed every time I have to renew that. And there’s a few that I have to do based on my background. Most of the time, I just don’t give a fck. When they ask me if I’m ok with the photo, I nod and walk away without really looking. I think we’ve talked about that. A few years ago, I went to renew my passport and got my pic taken on the way there, early in the morning, in a bad mood. I didn’t care. Until I saw the picture. I look like a murdered. No joke. But hey, I feel like I look exactly like that when I get off a plane, so that works out.


  2. It is so awkward to get your picture taken.
    I HATED picture day at school as well.
    And then of course parents had the “option” to purchase it, school knowing fully well no parent would ever rejected a picture of their child 🙄

    Next year I will need a new passport. Can’t believe it’s been 10 yrs since my last time!!
    It will probably also look like I am in top 10 most wanted 😅

    I also haaaaaaaate the process of getting out of a plane.
    If people would just wait for their turn, it would be better for everyone. But nooooooo

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  3. I disagree with the last part. 99% of the time, people wait for the row in front of them to clear before they exit. In theory, that sounds nice. In practice, it makes me want to … do bad things. What happens more often than not is that people are in no hurry. So, they wait until the row in front of them clears to slowly get up, still talking to their friend, maybe texting. THEN, they take their bag out from the overhead compartment (in the meantime, whoever was in front of them has already left the plane), put their backpack on, and then they leave. Only for the person behind them to go through the same operations. It creates a bottle neck and is very ineffective as the people who are already ready could take the opportunity to exit when a gap arises. But, noooo because people enjoy slowing others down on purpose as they don’t care about their time. Very selfish and rude.


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