Th world outside the window


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  1. Ah yes, you’re all about space! While I still cannot find the follow button, I do have a look your site from time to time.
    The art is awesome! What software do you use for it?
    Also, I saw you sell printed stuff as well. Only recently, I found out about color profiles. RGB works best for digital presentations, while CMYK works best for printed stuff apparently.
    But maybe you are already aware of it.

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  2. I hand draw almost everything. I do a little touch up work in a program called Pixelmator, which is Apple’s answer to Photoshop. I add the text with a different program called Comic Life, which makes formatting speech bubbles super easy.

    When I started using RedBubble, I read an FAQ that recommended either RGB of CMYK. Apparently either one is fine, at least on RedBubble, but any other color profiles are discouraged.


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