I’m baaaaaaack 🥳

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while and I am sorry for disappearing. I don’t have a particularly good reason, just a few terrible ones 😉


IT has been driving me mad.

There is something on your screen…. It was PAIN

The amount of spam emails on a daily basis is insane, so if you have sent me an email in the past few weeks and I didn’t reply, I apologize! Please resend it! The more of these emails I block, the more they seem to pop up! So I have given up on that.

Then I lost my smart pen for a while and the Bluetooth keyboard broke. I kept postponing to give an explanation on WordPress and suddenly, and now few weeks have flown by 🥲


99Designs is a website where clients can post a description of what they would like to see and how much they are willing to pay for it. Then, they usually will get a huge amount of designs from the artists and they can choose a winner. Or not… you can always get your project refunded.

So if you’re looking for a logo, website design or book cover design… 99designs.com might be worth a try.

After showing the staff my best work, I was approved as a middle level designer which means I can compete in as many contests as I like.

And so I did.

While the money is a nice aspect, I have been noticing how much I miss the blog!

All the stuff that on here is received with smiles and grins, is immediately declined on 99designs!

Not to mention how extremely vague some clients can be.

They would ask for logo for pet services “AND IT MUST BE FUN AND PLAYFUL “, which should totally suit my style. Yet, what ends up being the winning design? A black silhouette of a dog….. yeah, that does not spark joy in my world.

I did win two contests so far though!

Winning logo designs 🥳

The guy holding the underwear is for a detergent brand named “Pantiesman”. And if you think that’s disturbing, I just saw a client asking for a logo for a business model to make jewelry out of breast milk.

Excuse me while I barf

That’s just a day in the life of a designer 😅


Just after the new year I have replaced my step crosser trainer with one that has high resistance, which is what I prefer. But 50 minutes with resistance settings on 32 on  daily basis, does take the energy out of me.

So all in all, I am doing ok.

And here is a photo to prove it. The blue purple light is because of the aquarium behind me. It creates a quite cool effect.

I will still keep up with the design contests and exercise routine, but also, I really did miss the blog and all of you wonderful people!

And of course we are continuing with Creative Gems Volume 3!

I promise to deliver the content 🙂

Ps. I apologize for probably many grammar and spelling errors. Typing with a proper keyboard is a pain! 😅



  1. Well hey! Welcome back. 99Designs sounds like an interesting, if somewhat trying (or, as the case may be, occasionally disturbing) endeavor. Glad to hear you’re doing well, plus or minus a few things.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So glad to have you back, I was wondering if you were OK – glad to see you are!👌Congratulations on your winning designs too 🎉


  3. I can relate. I writw for a living and some internal clients of mine can be demanding! But on the plus side, experience is experience. So I just try to take it as a learning point 🙃


  4. Good to hear from you. I have not emailed you since we spoke last time, but have been meaning to just to check if all was OK.

    RE: blocking/unsubscribing/reporting spam – I go through waves of doing it or completely ignoring it. I read somewhere years ago that by somehow acknowledging those emails, you give the companies a signal that you are getting them and to just keep sending more. How ridiculous is that? Why can’t we get a handle of this?


  5. I think I drafted about 5 emails to be send to you, but then situations changed and the information in my original email was no longer relevant 😅

    Oh exactly my point regarding the emails.
    It seems like such a small problem, but it jus takes too much time filtering through the mailbox. 😭

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