Caption this 3

Let’s try this again! 😁

Can you think of a fun and witty caption for one these 3 doodles (or perhaps all 3 of them)? Maybe in a kind of meme style.

These are mine:

1. My face when someone asks a rhetorical question (yes, I’m prickly, can’t you tell..?)

2. When the serial liker * strikes again

3. When you’re having fun during karaoke and someone takes out their phone to record you

* A serial liker is someone who notices you liked one of their posts and in return they start liking your last 50 posts in a matter of 2 minutes (not appreciated!!)

Your turn 😁



  1. 1 Me before my morning coffee.
    2 Maybe a storm is coming, or the temperature is changing (platypus are very sensitive to weather changes. They’re also absolutely gorgeous in real life, and it’s possible to just watch them swimming and living their lives for hours without getting bored.)
    3 The removalists put this in the wrong room. What is wrong with these people?


  2. 1 I shouldn’t have drank that last bottle of wine
    2 I think I left my keys in the car
    3 So you are looking at my wife, buster

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