Caption this 2

I have admit, I really enjoyed your answers in Yesterday’s post! So thanks for the giggles 🙂

So today, we’re doing the same concept:

Can you think of a fun and witty caption for one these 3 doodles (or perhaps all 3 of them)? Maybe in a kind of meme style.

Here are mine:

1. When someone scrapes their nails on a chalkboard

2. My face when someone looks up the facts during an argument and it turns out I was right

3. When the boss makes a joke which isn’t funny, but still you’re laughing like an idiot because you were planning to ask for a salary raise



  1. 1 Stuck in traffic 2 Reaching the deadline in a magical way 3 The imaginary friends cheering you on


  2. Hahahaha. The “my brother” nearly killed. In fact, I imagine I looked exactly like the unicorn myself.

    “Hissterical” is such a good pun! Can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself!

    Ahh.. love potion. That could have made life and love much easier 😅

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