Caption this 1


Can you think of a fun and witty caption for one these 3 doodles (or perhaps all 3 of them)? Maybe in a kind of meme style.

These are. Mine:

1. My face when the barista spells my name incorrectly on my take away coffee

2. When I say something funny, but the other person isn’t laughing

3. Me seeing drama unfold over something meaningless



  1. Meme style
    1) When you realize why you’re so tired is because your co-worker has been making decaf.
    2) The movie ended 5 minutes ago, but I still have popcorn.
    3) When your friend tries to cheer you up, but it’s not working.

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  2. 1 . This is my face in the morning if my spouse makes the coffee.
    2. MEOWsers!! ❤️
    3.” Ok, this is about to get interesting” in the voice of Ben Stein.
    I don’t know why he came to mind when I seen this character …lol


  3. 1 When I hear the price of the latte 2 Painful grin when while dancing my partner stands on my foot 3 The popcorn is great, the movie an utter waste of time.

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  4. Your Pun which you added with this blog that is so awesome ma’am!
    Your style of writing the blogs is the thing which I liked and so that’s why I Said that to you!
    It’s so nice yrr😊💕😉✌

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  5. Yaa that’s a pleasure for me.
    I’m seeing that you don’t write much but even your small words create a lot of impact in others minds!😉💕✌

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  6. Your takes are great. And so are those in the comments.
    I see all three as a story.
    I’m observing a situation and I see person A do/say something bad to person B.
    1. I’m thinking: “I dare you pull this BS with me.”
    2. But since I’m not involved in the situation and am not particularly invested, I take out the popcorn and just enjoy the drama.
    3. If I see fit, I will console the person who was potentially mistreated.


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