Baking bread


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  1. In Dutch, we say “bruin bakken”, which translates to something like “baking brown” or just “getting a tan in the sun”.
    I assume something similar is used in German?

    I am no sure if it makes sense in English to be honest, but I thought it was still fun to post 😄

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  2. Funny, that sounds very similar in German, but nobody spells it. May be „knusprig backen“ or so.


  3. Lol, I never thought of that expression that way! Now I’ll always picture this when people say it.

    Oh, thinking of another expression that would be funny to see drawn gave me the oddest story idea!


  4. Hahah, going to a beach in the summer must be a whole different experience with all those pieces of toast laying around 😄
    I could use some vitamin D right now tbh hehe.

    Ohhh! Is it based on an existing drawing? If not, do let me know! I am always on the look for new inspiration and ideas!


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