The Spud and the Serpent is out now!

As an illustrator, it is always useful to know the author, or at least their writing style.

That is why I have loved seeing authors reoccurring in the Creative Gems projects! Whether it was their intention or not, the individual writing style was easily detectable.

Just to name a few:

Angela – who has been able to really capture the emotion of the doodle (whether it has been cheeky or melodramatic) and hasn’t failed to make me giggle with her poems.

Joyce – who has such a wonderful and poetic way with words that send you into dreamland

Valerie – whose geekiness and educational way of writing shines through no matter which drawing she chooses

Virginia – whose stories just make me warm and fuzzy inside

When Anthony contacted me to do illustrations for his own book, it was during CG2.

From the first book, I remember he created such an amazing atmosphere with his words. But… truth to be told, the drawing was pretty atmospheric as well.

That was why was surprised with the choice of drawing for CG2! No way he was going to pull that off again with a drawing like that!!

But what do you know….. HE DID DO JUST THAT!

I am honestly in awe of all of you authors!

And Anthony’s own book was nothing less than expected.

The book follows life on a potato farm. In particular, Ida, who must protect her potato friends from the large, angry serpent who is hungry for spuds! And how will a new born potato manage all of that?!

But of course, Ida has her ways. She is charming, intelligent and not afraid to confront the Serpent!

Find out about all of these characters in The Spud and the Serpent

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If you would like publish your own children’s book and like my illustration style, please do send me an email.

I unfortunately do have to charge for these services, because you know… the kids have to eat (and with kids, I mean my fish 😉). But I don’t charge as much as some of the illustrators I have come across with. And I always aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so revisions are always unlimited.

But the Creative Gems projects are of course for free! And I’d love to see all of you back 🙂



  1. Excellent story and illustrations! Kudos to Anthony and Andrea.


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