2 types of people during New Year’s Eve



  1. That’s pretty funny 😂🤣
    For me it’s both of them, depending on the year 🤭😊


  2. Yep, I start off being a bit boogie the banger after a one Pina Colada, then by 9pm in bed like the green grumpy grinch who can pinch more than an inch 😂😂


  3. I know the feeling! haha. We are invited to a New Year’s Eve party, and were looked down on when we asked if we could leave at 10:30!! Oh well, one night!
    Thanks for visiting and liking The Writers In Residence blog. We have some good stuff coming up each Wednesday beginning on January 4th with a post on “Time” in your writing – how to express it, etc. And on the 11th another post on holiday writing, as in Holiday cards, and those pesky, but wonderful Thank You notes. Drop by again, we’d love to have you comment.
    And… for me, I’ve written some children’s stories for my young granddaughters and illustrated them as well. People say I do well. But, wow! you are published!!

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