Man flu



  1. 1. It looks like a shark to me – male or female – can’t tell!
    2. If it’s simply the caption – then I thought feminism and diversity was about not having gender or racial stereotyping . Discuss .
    Happy New Year!


  2. Before you start spamming my page:

    1. It is a shark indeed, but that is what I do…. I draw animal characters based on either something cute or real life situations.
    If you don’t want to take the time discovering what my site is about, don’t bother coming back.

    2. Man flu is actually defined by The Oxford dictionary:

    But also CLEARLY stated it is intended to be informal and humorous.

    I hope you have learned something about your own language 😉


  3. I don’t understand your reply – I was pointing out that gender stereotyping is something that women/feminists/liberals have justifiably fought against for years. Yet I still hear manflu, mansplaining etc. – surely that shouldn’t be acceptable either?!


  4. Look Rowland, I appreciate the time you to took to spam my comment section, but I don’t think my blog is a space for you.

    I have never meant to hurt anyone and others did see the humour in the drawing.

    Unfortunately you seem to have joined the club of people who feel offended by anything and everything.


  5. OED defines it as ‘Depreciative colloquial’.

    I really think ‘ before you start spamming me’ and ‘Learn something about your own language!’ are a rather extreme reaction, don’t you?

    I’m sorry, in that I hoped it might possibly make you think ‘He might have a point, actually…’

    PS I liked the shark cartoon ……


  6. Extreme?
    I’d say it is rather polite. Many others would have made a much bigger deal out of it.
    There really was no need to to comment the same type of comment twice.

    I still don’t think you have a point.

    But let’s act like adults and let it rest. Neither of us are going to change our opinions.


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