Scarlett Jones and the Haunted House promotion

Since we are slowly sliding into Halloween, I’d like to take the opportunity to do a bit of promotion of a book I did the illustrations for 😉

The book is part of the Scarlett Jones series which are written by Frances Lewis, who unfortunately doesn’t have any social channels yet, but you can find all the books here:

Each books can be read separately, but the more books you read, the more Scarlett’s character becomes visible. She is adventurous, kind, helpful and a little cheeky and by now, my favorite fictional friend 😄

And if you’re up for it, here is a free printable coloring page

If you like to publish a children’s book yourself and like my style of drawing, please read my and send me an email so we can discuss 🙂

on another note, I am also happy to support YOUR book. If you have published a children’s book, I am happy to share it with my followers. Please email me with a link to the book 🙂

Thank you 🙂



  1. The Scarlett series seems like such a fun one. You put it really well – the more books you read, the better you get to know her and her companions.


  2. Nice images. I don’t know the series very well, but it seems a nice story.


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