1. I became an ordained minister (when the law changed allowing same sex marriage, I figured there shouldn’t be a barrier between people who love each other. And weding receptions are fun so win win) On my first wedding, I learned that I am nearly paralyzed by stage fright. Every time I do a wedding it doesn’t get easier. I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

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  2. The few times I had to speak up in class where absolutely uncomfortable and didn’t come better with time like adults would say it would. I am just happy now it is not something I have to do again.


  3. Yes that’s a pretty good description. I dreaded the times I had to go stand before a public and speak.


  4. When was in high school I was such an introvert and wanted nothing to do with presenting an assigned speaking project in front of class.


  5. Made me chuckle – so well portrayed. I naturally loved being in the spotlight and had no stage fright. But then didn’t really have to do anything like that and I kind of forgot. Starting it back up. It feels weird as I’m more anxious than I remember myself being, but I think I’m building the confidence back up quickly. It seems like we scrutinize ourselves more than others do (at least sometimes like when you give a presentation that no one is interested in – you are freaking out while the others don’t even really hear you as they think of what they will do once the presentation is over).

    You did a great job with the facial expression. You’ve become quite the master in that – the eyes and the muzzle are just perfect.


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