Handover of seasons

Seems like summer is finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier (sorry sun and cactus!!)



  1. The mushroom trying to be the next Earl Grey! I like how proud he is and how superior he is.
    The sun and cactus might be crying… or they are just sweating 😀
    Summer is still in full swing here, but – having lived in a different climate for decades – I think I have some winter trauma buried in me. I start feeling bad for people in places with 4 seasons right about now. There’s about one and a half months to go before you get snow…

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  2. Agreed. Summer is nice in its own way, but the arrival of Autumn is a huge relief for many different reasons. I hope you have an awesome one!


  3. Hahah yes, it is his season!
    The cactus and sun are crying indeed now that they are being over ruled.
    I would be happy if spring and autumn would be the only seasons tbh, with maybe 2 weeks of summer so I can chill on the beach and snow just during Christmas time.

    I will do another drawing with this concept when we are approaching winter 😄

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