At the workplace

Previously I have shared the story about How I choose my education. And once I had my Electrical Engineering degree, I choose a career within the Wind Power business.

I would love to say that it was a totally conscious decision because I care about the environment. And while I do, I was rather happy with any company accepted me as their employee… because you know, gotta pay the rent.

While the environmental element would be mentioned in slick management presentations, none of that would be noticed in the day to day activities. Because let’s be honest here, in the end it is a commercial business, so money is always the main focus.

I noticed the trend of clients choosing shorter maintenance packages. When I started, most customers would happily choose a 20 year collaboration, but almost overnight that was reduced to 5 or even 2 year contacts. The company’s response? Sell spare parts for insanely high price. And all of that was hidden in deliberately vague contracts.

And that deliberately vague language would used in safety documents, to my utter annoyance since I dealt a lot with those. They are always so horribly generic and are more a “cover my ass” for the company, rather than give the information the employees actually need.

And in the end, the regular employees have to juggle all of these aspects on a horrible IT system. Lucky us, eh 😉

Again, Which ccharacter I’d your favourite?


  1. This made me chuckle. So very true!
    I don’t often deal with compliance people (I think they would be the equivalent to your safety people), but when I do… I ALWAYS get so annoyed because they cause problems where there shouldn’t be any and make everyone’s job more difficult.


  2. I’ve felt the same feeling of juggling roles – but while in charge of a smaller project. I’ve been in situations from group projects to my own things I’ve led where I end up doing all of the work. We all have a part to play, or everything crumbles.
    That’s not to just lecture people into “do your job!” – A manager who puts in no effort is usually causing just as much trouble. As a leader, I value critique because I need to make sure I’m doing everything as best I can. We all need to take responsibility.
    And these drawings are adorable! I can definitely say each one reminds me of someone I know or myself at times. 🙂


  3. Right?! Haha.
    Once upon a time I thought I was a valuable member of the company, but I turned out to be a pawn. But any chess player knows that underestimating a pawn is one of the biggest mistakes you can make 😉
    Yeah, the compliance/quality department are a pain in the butt. Especially when they plan an audit to see if you have followed their impossible standards 😅

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  4. Compliance is more like my dad double checking the locks of doors , windows , switching off lights , turning of gas pipes before going to bed. It irked me in my childhood, but as they say we grow up to become a reflection of our parents 😅. I m now happily settled as a compliance officer , sadly we double check but are highly misunderstood 🙂


  5. Maybe depends on the approach, and explaining why things are enforced. there is a reason for compliance and safety – keeping you safe including minimizing risk of a lawsuit, which could impact job security for the company (devils advocate)

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  6. Not denying any of that. But I think there should be collaboration between the two instead of just: “You can’t do x,y, or z. Good luck. Off you go.”


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