You are what you eat

Suggested by Writeflow after Yesterday’s post:

You are what you eat

Can you guess it?

Sweet(s) of course 😉



  1. OMG! I’m completely hung up on the lolly pop! I haven’t seen those in AGES! They look like watermelon but they don’t taste like it. Not sure what the point is… Good times, though.

    Are you a donut person? I don’t see tiramisu and I don’t think you’re much into chocolate cake. I’ll take it instead 🙂


  2. Not sure if I ever them. Bet they taste super artificial, haha.
    But yes, certain candy can make you feel like a child again!

    I am not a donut person at all. J definitely is.
    I am usually like something more “fresh”, so definitely tiramisu and cold apple pie that has more apples than dough.
    Ice cream and whipped cream isn’t for me either.

    Do you usually prefer a starters or dessert? Or do you usually go for all 3?

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  3. I’m someone who doesn’t see a point in starters. Why eat something before you’re gonna eat something? The only time I will order those is when I go out for a snack (not feeling a full meal). Then, we’ll get a couple of appetizers and be done with it. While I love dessert, I don’t always get it when I go out. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. You?


  4. Mhh I do like to share a starter if there is anything interesting. I like to be a bit more experimental with the starters, while the main course will always be a safe choice that I know I will like for sure.

    I hardly ever take a dessert. It can only ruin a good meal, because you might overeat.

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