Hop on board the doodle train!

P.s. if you like to be part of an awesome book project, have a look here:


The available drawings can be found here:



  1. I swear that bunny’s got a Mona Lisa smile which makes him super adorable. Can’t tell if he’s happy or still sad. At least he’s not bawling and has made some friends now.


  2. It is interesting that you are saying this! He has almost identical eyes as the fox, but the smaller white circle is located below the larger white circle, which almost makes it seem like a tear drop.
    I guess that make him look a bit more sad or shy, despite the fact that he is smiling.
    Funny how such a small change can make the difference!

    Bunny is now a permanent member in doodle land, so he will be featured in more drawings for sure 😊😊

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