“Break a leg” they said

Have you ever been on stage?



  1. Hahahha. Perfect. I like that he is bandaged completely – from head to toe.
    Yes, I did some acting back in the day, so used to be on stage. But those were small ones.


  2. I did human beatboxing and I felt nervousness but I never let it affect me. Getting onstage and confronting the audience with sweet beats 🙂


  3. Funny you should say that because I felt in my element back in the day, but know I would be nervous (more) now. However, I do think it would go away soon enough, once I remembered how to do it (it’s like riding a bike, right?) Heheheh


  4. I’ve heard that actually wishing someone “good luck” before a performance was at one point said to invite disaster, so telling them to “break a leg” was a safer way to the same thing. Of course, then there is the whole thing about saying “The Scottish Play,” rather than “Macbeth.” ^_^

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