“Just be happy”, my colleague said as lighted his 3rd cigarette in 10 minutes, “like me!”

I didn’t say anything, but my face must have shown a great deal of scepticism.

It’s funny how we are always told to “just be yourself“, yet even showing a control amount of sadness, frustration or impatience is a big no no.

Of course we need to maintain professionalism in some occasion, but it feels like good old heart to heart with someone seems like a big ask. Very few people are keen on listening to other people’s problems after a stressful day work.

In fact, not many are prepared to listen. Instead, people would give advice. Maybe because they want to offer actual help, maybe to get rid of you faster or maybe they consider your problem to have a quick fix.

People who constantly contradict themselves might just be my biggest frustration. Therefore, you won’t ever hear me saying “just be yourself” and I avoid people who do 😉

Sometimes it just seems easier to keep the facade of the happy go lucky unicorn

Thoughts on this topic?

Ps. This post is not really children’s book material, but hopefully the drawing still is 😉



  1. LOL agreed.
    Most of the time, people just need someone to listen. And when they’re done, to have someone sit with them, in the stillness of the moment. There is power in the silence. It’s meant for reflection.

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  2. Oh god, I hare when people say that to you! As if you can just press a switch and be happy straight away! People just don’t have the patience to sit down and listen to other folks problems these days!


  3. If someone says anything along those lines, they need to also be the type of person who really means them, will listen to you, and understands that life and society can get complicated. Things can be difficult sometimes, but when a good friend will take the time to listen and figure things out with you, rather than just boil everything down to a single phrase before leaving. I hope that makes sense.

    Also, that unicorn is adorable. ^_^


  4. Right?!? And people who claim to be able to that just lie.
    In the case of my colleague, he can say whatever he wants, but smoking 3 cigarettes with shaking fingers in 10 minutes showed me he has his own stressful moments.
    Like that is a shame to admit!!

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  5. Exactly. We all have stressful moments. Instead of being judgemental or impatient with people who are stressed, we should be more understanding of it given our own struggles. 👍🤗😁


  6. I know the feeling, but it’s always wonderful when someone listens and responds appropriately to what we’ve said. In other words, when they mean everything they say and listen to what others have to say. ^_^


  7. Very well said. Also thanks, the meme made me laugh. 🤣♥️


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