Creative Gems – the author biographies

I have been wanting to post this ever since Creative Gems Volume 1 was published, but it took me a while to compose.

Below you will find the biographies of the authors who have collaborated on this amazing project, accompanied with the doodle that plays the main role in one of their stories.

If you’re curious about, go get your your sample now! And either way, check out their socials and website. Because, as the title suggests, that’s what they are: Creative Gems! 🙂

Johanna Perälä lives in Helsinki, Finland, and dreams of Caribbean
adventures. The only pirates she knows are her two five-year-olds. She hopes to write more bedtime stories soon.

Joyce Jacobo is a freelance writer who holds an MA in Literature & Writing Studies from Cal State San Marcos. Her work has appeared in publications such as Bravura 2009 and the San Diego Poetry Annual. She loves to make other people smile through her writings and is hard at work on her first poetry collection.

Gareth Barsby writes stories and poems, illustrates them and puts them up on his blog:

Dawn Minott is a creative soul. Artsy to the core.
A Poet, Speaker, Author. An unapologetic lover of God, of love and of all things nature. Hardcore logophile with an epigrammatic style. I am motivated to write from observing what I believe God created-by-design like nature, family, love, and relationship.

Angela was born and lives in rural North Wales, the UK, she recently returned to writing poetry after many years and has been published in a number of magazines, she is currently compiling her work for her first poetry collection. You can check out some more of her writing on:

Celeste A. McKinnon (Aries) is an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a mom of 4 who lives on the far East Coast of the U.S . She was Born and raised on the South shore of Massachusetts. She has been a SAHM for 13 years now and is re-entering the world of business, goals, and dreams. Her current project is her website, , where she turns personal experiences, ( her own, and others), into stories. She hopes to eventually put together a Book series. She dreams to make a difference, and to be remembered for something phenomenal.

Rose Q. Addams loves cheesecake, hats, and books, of course! She writes to share the stories that the Author of All has given her, and is hard at work on many fantasy novels, some of which are even finished! When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her baking, walking, playing games with her family, and laughing too loudly at movies. You can find more of her work, thoughts, and madness at

As a mother of a five-year-old with a big brain and an even bigger heart, Brittany Sigler felt
compelled to write “In Your Head” after seeing Andrea Benko’s blog illustrations. She is a former stay-
at-home-mom turned business professional with a passion for self-love, gentle parenting, writing, and books.
She wanted to touch on the intricacies of thoughts and their ability to impact not only our emotional state, but
also our general well-being. Brittany hopes that this story will encourage readers to be more
positive and mindful of their thinking patterns, especially those raising little ones!


Frances has been writing stories since she was quite little and hasn’t stopped yet. If you like funny characters and tales of adventure, check out the Scarlett Jones books on Amazon, illustrated by the one and only Andrea Benko!

Father, writer, streamer
David Payne leverages his Twitch channel to improve his own accountability, to engage others about his writing, and to inspire others to do their own writing. David is a stream-of-consciousness writer and does not fit himself into a box for any one genre. Stop on by his stream – 7am-8:30am ET, Monday through Friday (he also streams in the afternoons and weekends at various times) – and say Hi.

When he isn’t writing, David is a father to a large, blended family and spends his days wondering why there isn’t more time.

Connect with David:
Author Page

Lynn Elder has been reading and writing before she started school and hasn’t stopped since. Her love of the written word eventuated in a career in journalism, following in her parents’ footsteps. Then was a career change into the community sector for almost seven years and part-time study to obtain a BA in Community Development. There was a move back to her country roots over five years ago with husband Andy and two cats, Friskie and Rambo. In 2017 she began writing about her tree change on a blog “Escape to the High Country – Life on 25 Acres”, and to share her photography of this beautiful part of Australia. Escape to the High Country… | Life on 25 acres… ( She is a member of a local Bush Poets’ Group and contributor to a poetry book the group published in 2021. Lynn has written several short stories but this is the first time for a children’s book.

Virginia Martin is an award- winning Christian Author, Poet, and Inspirational Speaker. She has self-published nine faith-based books, and uses words of motivation and encouragement to express God’s love and draw others closer to Him. Virginia resides in Florida, where she enjoys Christian music, photography and playing Scrabble. Website: and Email:

Jesse Abundis lives in California. Writing away new ideas that come to mind. He can be found at Twitter/Instagram @Jessenovels or his blog

Andrea Benko is an Electrical Engineer turned into an illustrator. In her illustrations she likes to use funny characters and vivid colors. The majority of her inspiration comes from her aquarium filled with tropical and colorful fish, as well as her impressive collection of stuffed animals.
For more of her illustrations, check:

K.S. Wood has been writing stories ever since she could print her name. Many of her first stories were written in crayon on scrap paper and had to be deciphered by her mother. She is married and lives in Iowa, United States, where she is the proud “mom” to two cats. She is also the author of the fantasy Portals Series, available at When she is not writing fiction, she can be found immersed in the pages of history, reading and writing true tales of various historical and genealogical figures. You can check out her blog at for more information.

Anthony is a freelance writer who loves comic books and cold brew coffee. He lives in Florida with his wife and best friend, Kim; they drink the coffee mentioned above and go on adventures that would make any kid jealous. Check out for more, or visit for his children’s book series!

Mars and Mary Queen are a mother-daughter team currently
located in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They enjoy writing (of
course) and the arts. Mars and Mary want to show people
that it’s ok to communicate differently than your peers, because
there are always people who are willing to understand you!

Daniel R. Robichaud lives and writes in Humble, Texas. His stories for young readers appear in several issues of Spaceports & Spidersilk magazine as well as the books Beware the Bugs! and Rockets and Robots. He writes weekly reviews of film and fiction at the Considering Stories ( website. Keep up with him on Twitter (@DarkTowhead) or Facebook (

Valerie is a Belgian who now lives and works in the UK. She is a scientist by day, and a writer by night (too often writing the night away!). Sometimes she even writes about science; like about her work hunting new variants of Covid-19. Otherwise she likes fantasy and sci-fi, but especially the many mythologies out there!
Twitter: @VEVancollie

Sam ‘Goldie’ Kirk fell in love with writing shortly after learning how to read. With a master’s degree in Global Business Management, Sam optimizes strategic processes by day and crafts intricate tales by night. Goldie is passionate about writing thought-provoking stories for all ages and inspiring young minds to reach their full potential.
Stay golden and keep in touch!




  1. Wonderful idea Andrea. A creative collaboration and children are the beneficiaries. I’m going to check it out.


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