At the airport


Lemon & Melon who are going on adventurous trip

The Cherrypines who are going on a family vacation

Oliver & Oil, a father and son duo who are going on a roadtrip for Oil’s recent graduation from high school.

I’d really love to see this as a story if anyone has the inspiration! It could be a merged story or you could choose one of the three storylines 🙂

P.s. if you like to be part of an awesome book project, have a look here:

For more information about the project, click here

The available drawings can be found here:



  1. This one is so much fun because there are so many characters and so much going on. I can be the lemon, or the watermelon. I like Olive’s (Oliver’s?) facial expression – it’s probably most like me at the airport. I am usually not impressed.


  2. Ohh I am changing the name to Oliver! Hanks for the suggestion, love it!
    I am definitely also an Oliver on the airport!

    I was afraid for the drawing to be too busy. Proportion is something I struggle with. But I would actually like to develop these characters a bit more. Possibly even make a separate book of it 😁

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  3. I get the fear of it being busy. One might think that. However, if you think about it – it perfectly depicts the airport mess as people pour in. That’s why I don’t mind getting to the airport early – I get to sit alone for a while before it gets crazy busy. I was reminded of that on my recent trip and even wanted to write a post about it… maybe one day…

    P.S. Please forgive my fragmented emails. I am re-learning to collect my thoughts in a more ‘together’ format instead of emailing you with one line seven times a day. LOL

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  4. A lovely cartoon. The characters are funny. While with the many strikes on the airport right now things can get a little bit strained.


  5. Hah yeah, thank you!
    I think we can all recognize ourselves in one or more of the characters on an airport.
    I am partly the lemon, because I like people watching.
    But also Olive(r), because it is usually too loud and hot on airports!


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