Coffee drinkers

True, or not? 😉



  1. I was talking to my friend in Europe a week or so ago and it was afternoon for them and morning for me. I was drinking orange juice (’cause I have already had morning tea) and they were drinking coffee. My friend is a coffee lover and still cannot believe that I don’t drink coffee regularly. My friend is very passionate about coffee (types and preparation method) and is a coffee purist (no cream, no sugar). When we meet in person, I try some of their recommendations, but it has not convinced me.

    I have recently read that a study shows that if you have coffee before going shopping, you end up buying/spending more. That kind of explains why I was never a big buyer/spender.

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  2. True. When I was in my twenties, we didn’t get too many choices here in India. Now, there are times I go for the fancy stuff like Hazelnut latte with s’mores and cinnamon flakes, made with almond milk just to taste what it’s like but it gets too much after a while 😂. In the end, I settle for cups of black coffee I make myself.


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