Things and people I want to shush up

1. My washing machine that beeps every 5 seconds

2. People who criticize me for listening to audiobooks. It only means that I can do two things at the same time.

3. People who brag

4. People who try to make a statement but immediately contradict themselves immediately after

5. Birds that start chirping loudly at 5 in the morning

How about you? 😄



  1. 1. People who refuse to listen to other opinions
    2. Disrespectful and unappreciative people
    3. Overly negative people

    I thought there would be more but I think that’s it!

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  2. Yes I agree with your #2. There is simply no need to criticise how other people enjoy life and books!

    I can’t think of much that I would include on my personal list, except for my dogs alerting ourselves and the rest of the street at 4am in the morning to the poor soul opposite us that must leave for a very early shift everyday!


  3. Oh, I have the same washing machine!!! Whirlpool?!? And yes, it’s very “Aargh!”

    1. Someone smoking in front of me on the street
    2. When a customer service person doesn’t say hello or thank you even after I said them (as the customer)
    3. People who cut in line
    4. People who don’t listen

    Hang on, why do all of these involve people?!?!

    5. Macho men who start wars
    6. People who let macho men get in power

    Oh my, the list could go on and on… 🥴

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  4. I wake up at 4 am to listen to the birds. But the other complaints I can relate to.


  5. No. 5 definitely.
    People who listen to loud music in public spaces.
    It’s not shushing, but – like ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ mentioned – customer service people who don’t reply to your hello or thank you. I’ve stopped going to places because of that. I have no clue what people are thinking! I walk up to the register, say hello and they just stare at me. I know that they would have to say hello a million times a day as each customer comes in, but – DEAL WITH IT! It’s your job! And related – when I hold the door for someone and they walk right through it without saying thank you. I say ‘thank you’ loudly. Not that it’s going to make them better people, but it helps me vent a bit.


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