Behind the fish tank

For this drawing I also created a print out coloring page, if you like doing that 👇

And if you want to try out digital coloring, download this drawing 👇

I use the free and ad free app called Sketchbook and I can only recommend it!

I also made a YouTube video of doing the coloring. I find such videos oddly satisfy to watch. But it might not be for everyone, so if it’s not for you, please skip 🙂

Video Coloring page behind the fishtank



  1. This was a great idea to share a video. I had no clue how much was involved in getting the end result. You pay attention to every single detail and I like the shading you do – adds dimension.


  2. I love the expression of frustration on the cat – and the smug satisfaction of the fish in their safety! Of course, that’$ what I read into it. Thank you!


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