Misunderstood animals

Because every animal deserves love and is equally important for the ecosystem !

What is your favorite misunderstood animal?



  1. Nope, no pigeons for me.
    I was just listening to some video in which a girl said: “I think criminals are people, too…” it was funny because she was talking about illegal activities (condemning it), but trying to be inclusive.

    It’s sad how some animals are considered cute/better than others.

    My favorite misunderstood animal? I don’t know if I have any… I think I understand them as much as I can. Hehehe

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  2. Crows! I think they are dark and beautiful and are as interesting as plenty of other animals. Just read an interesting article that said crows have regional dialects they take on when they decide to move to another region and want to fit in with the new birds. Neat!

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  3. An interesting question Andrea. There is that tension between what people consider cute animals or as a problem. At the moment we are trying to grow trees to screen out a neighbour who took his down but a small group of fallow deer seem to have developed a taste for them! Some animals in large numbers are a nuisance and a danger to drivers. There is one lone white fallow stag who is stunning and we have watched him from our bedroom window as he munches on our acorns. We enjoy his visits and odd ones by a kangaroo and a joey.


  4. Of course they are people. Biologically at least.
    Some people want to sound intelligent but fails big time.

    Yes. And that is something us humans have invented and view other humans the same way.
    As long as you are pretty or handsome, you will get both empathy and admiration.

    Sharks of course! Otherwise I haven’t achieved what I wanted with all my shark drawings 😄

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  5. Agreed, and I believe there have been a number of documentaries on the Smithsonian Channel, and in several other places, about all these amazing creatures. They are an excellent way to come to know them as well. ^_^


  6. I watched a wonderful TV show last night about vets who performed operations on injured wildlife in NSW, near Bryon Bay. They repaired the wing of a Kookaburra, did x-rays on a tree frog and a baby carpet snake. But speaking of sea gulls they rescued one that had a horrible fishing hook stuck in its beak and called it Captain Hook. They did this amazing operation and was able to realise the silver gull back near the beach he came from. I live in Australia! Speaking of kangaroos I loved your drawing of one looking in the pouch. someone else beat me to that picture! We have screening cockatoos that wake up early Andrea! Lynn


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