Let me have a closer look

I feel like I am going to be needing glasses very soon, since I can barely seem to read the subtitles on Telly 🥸

Do you wear glasses or contacts?



  1. I wear glasses . However some people don’t like glasses idk why ? They say laser surgery or contact is better . It’s humiliating for them to wear glasses . But according to me glasses 🤓 now are a part of me and it has seen the things and precious and important moments same as my eyes 👀. So I feel it is like a part of me moreover , i consider glasses as a fashion accessory.

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  2. Hehe, nice detective panda! And yes, I’ve worn glasses since fifth grade. They have been a part of me since then, and I actually really love having them. Taking them off for a while is a great way to not only see the world in a different way every now and then, but it also helps to rest my eyes for a while. It’s nice.

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  3. Heheheh, that’s a funny one. It reminded me of my grandmother who, during her later years, would look through two magnifying glasses in hopes she would see better. I’m not sure if it made it better or worse…

    I believe you know I wear glasses but sometimes I will put contacts in. Both have pros and cons of course.

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