The scream

For those of you who are shock by my lack of presence on the blog, so am I 😱

But it has all been for a good cause, because the Creative Gems book will be published this month!

Simultaneously, I have been working on a Children’s book YouTube channel! And the very first video will be released this month as well, thanks to Jo’s wonderful Teddy and the Shark story and Celeste’s (and her kids’) narrator skills!

It will be epic!

And if you don’t believe me, have a look at the trailer 😄

Trailer the teddy and the shark

So if you want to see your story turned into a video or you would like to do the narration , please keep tabs on my blog!





  1. A masterpiece! Yet another idea for a series – reproductions of famous paintings with your doodle characters.

    I can’t wait for the book! I know you’ve been working very hard on it and so many talented people contributed!

    A YT channel is a fantastic idea as well. I really have to give it to you – you’ve been really going at it and getting things done! Good job!

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  2. Yeah, I was trying the Mona Lisa first, but it didn’t really good.
    Then I remember the Sharky from you story and I thought it would be a perfect fit 😄

    I can’t wait for it either!
    Should be so much fun!
    And YT channel is for people like who prefer to listen and watch 😁

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  3. Hooray, on so many fronts! A shark version of The Scream is clever and incredible. And I’m so excited at how the Creative Gems project has come together. ^_^


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