Messages that want to make you punch your screen

Here are the two that I find most annoying:

1. “Password is incorrect”

*changes password*

“New password cannot be the same as the old password”

2. “Upload your resume”

*uploads carefully crafted resume”

“Please fill out your employment history”

Do you know any other “good” ones? 😅



  1. I’ve gotten used to forgetting my password, but when I have to upload my CV and then enter my employment history and everything else after, I curse worse than usual.

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  2. The password you choose, can not be accepted, please take another one.
    You have to choose, minimum 8 characters, one number et cetera 🙄


  3. I SO agree with both of those scenarios. It’s to a point where I just wouldn’t apply for a position that asked me to do that. (Thankfully, I am employed and don’t need to search for a job at this time.)

    Just last night I was browsing through some travel package websites and I finally settle on something that looked great and was at a price I decided I was OK with. So, I decided to try and book it (well, I wasn’t really as I’m not sure of the dates yet), but I wanted to see the itemized bill (how much of that goes to hotel, flight, etc), so I hit the book button and got an error message saying that the booking could not be found or something. It suggested my session had expired. Hmmm…. not likely, but I refreshed. Of course, the deal that I wanted was gone. So I clicked to book the next best one. “Ooops something went wrong” showed up on my screen when I tried to book. Not sure what kind of scam that page was running but it was annoying to think you found something and then to have to just leave it due to a lie of an error.


  4. If you are using Windows the dreaded blue screen screams impending doom. It means your program is totaled.


  5. Recently, I particularly disliked a map program. I entered 1400 Big Street, Buffalo, NY. Beneath the entry box, I got a prompt, Did you mean 1400 Big Street, Buffalo NY, 14038?
    Uhhh, okay. “Click”
    We can’t find that address.
    We don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Are you sure you spelled all words correctly?
    Please try re-entering.

    But you gave it to me. I plugged in 1450 and clicked – and it was the building next door. 😯

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  6. Ha, yeah, and it shouldn’t be a big deal anyway, but I would get really grumbly, especially back when I was filling out five-six applications a day, seven days a week, for almost two years in sheer desperation to find work. Course, I’m still trying to get ahead LOL!

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  7. Uploading a resume and then having to rewrite everything that was on your resume can be so annoying!


  8. Another one: Trying to log in on a website and getting that annoying recaptcha where you have to figure out a word puzzle or whether or not a certain object is on a tile. JUST LET ME LOG IN.


  9. Now i have started to save my ID and passwords in Google accounts and the ones of google on a pen and paper in my documents


  10. Battery low
    Fingerprint not recognised
    Too many incorrect tries
    Low storage
    Rate the app…

    I have a huge list of them tbh


  11. I have to agree that passwords changes are the WORST. My current annoyance is all the stupid spam e-mails that ping on my phone. I have 11,000 emails and 99% of them are junk 😡


  12. Sometimes I think they are just messing with us because I know I clicked correctly. Also, when they ask to select traffic lights – do you mean just the colors? Or the black housing unit? The pole it’s mounted on, etc?


  13. Sorry, didn’t mean to yell. But I was worried about you and was happy to see you’re OK 🙂
    I’m receiving emails from others OK, my Spam is empty… not sure what’s going on…


  14. That’s what I said! The last one I got was from May 16th. I will continue to troubleshoot. In the meantime, if you need me to do anything for the book and I don’t respond within a day or two, reach out on the blog. I added you to my contact list. It’s supposed to help. It’s weird because I’ve been getting emails from other s just fine…


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