Book trailer Creative Gems

Book trailers are quite an important marketing tool these, so I gave it a go for the Creative Gems book project!

The deadline for submitting a story is until 31st of May. Please read the guidelines if don’t know about the project.

Right now, there are 22 (!) stories and poems from different authors all over the world. Hopefully we will be able to put this book on the market some time in June, which I am very excited about!

If the timing is not right for you, I am always happy to do a part later this year!


If you are part of this project or planning to, please leave the following emojis in the comments “✏️💎” so that everyone can follow your blog! 🙂



  1. “✏️💎 Love the trailer for the book Andrea. I have just finished doing a big submission for a grant for trees so now I am looking forward to getting stuck into my story about “Living with Cats” this week. Many thanks for the opportunity.

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  2. Been busy gearing up for my psychological thriller Mistaken. But love this book trailer so much, proud to be apart of this amazing project!

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