Inspirational quotes

Yesterday is history,

tomorrow is a mystery,

and today is a gift…

that’s why they call it present


This is just for fun. I am just not the biggest fan of these inspirational quotes 😉



  1. I feel this way today. Make no mistake. I’m glad I was gifted another day of life, but so far? It really feels shitty. Convince me that it will get better.


  2. Spending time with family members, including a moment spent cuddling Salem, or reading. Among other things. Writing, definitely, because I can transform a bad situation into something much different as a written story.

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  3. Forgive me!! You have an actual MENU on your site, like a PROFESSIONAL!! I’m doing my own research, especially since I now know where to find it!


  4. It’s not easy living in the moment I was really stressed today and my friends too we handed our notice in and its going to be a tough time but the future is a mystery


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