Writer’s block

I have added a few new digital stickers. If you are interested, please check: 



  1. Hello, Andrea! Has anyone asked to create a poem or short story for the Creative Gems 2 collaboration yet? If not, I have some great ideas for it. ^_^


  2. Sorry, I meant, has anyone asked to create a poem or short story of this particular illustration for the Creative Gems 2 collaboration yet? I would love to create something for this picture!


  3. Oops! I should have remembered coming across that sweet little owl when looking over the manuscript, especially since it had such a sweet story paired with it. But yes, writer’s block was going to be the biggest focus of the poem I was thinking about. Hehe. Otherwise, I can choose another illustration from your vast gallery. There are so many awesome ones to choose from, after all. ^_^


  4. Oh yes. By the way, I was looking at the gallery of the “unclaimed” illustrations and saw an adorable one with two owls snuggled on a branch and looking at the moon. I would love to request that one, and the one with a Shakespeare-like personage with a writing quill. ^_^


  5. Oh yeah, I actually wanted to recommend the Shakespeare drawing to you!
    But those are yours now 🙂

    I hope that page works and doesn’t freeze or anything. There are 180 pictures on there 😅 I guess it might become a bit overwhelming for some.
    But I will just remove the drawings that are taken. 🙂

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  6. Hehe, thanks! I’ll be sending the completed poems to you shortly. Hope you enjoy them. ^_^
    I didn’t really notice any issues when accessing the pictures, thankfully (you never do know where technical troubles might appear). Hehe.

    Anyway, I’m glad Creative Gems 2 is already getting underway. ^_^


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