Another year gone by…

Earlier this week, the Queen celebrated her 96th birthday.

Though I am not British and don’t know too much about the royal family (other than watching The Crown and her love for corgis), I can’t help but to feel a little sorry for Prince Charles.

Will he ever make it on the throne? 😄

I also think his Mommy actually looks younger than him! Haha


  1. I like the corgi’s snide look, and the faces in the chandelier. Where are the corgi’s legs, or is it resting on something? I like the colors.

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  2. I use this analogy to describe Generation X or “The Prince Charles Generation”. By the time the Boomers actually retire it will be clear to everyone we should hand over control to Millennials. 😉

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  3. Hahahah! This was pretty funny! I often wondered if she would outlive him, too.
    Isn’t your Bday coming up next month? I’m sorry. I’m pretty bad with this.


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