Book project deadline submissions

For those of you who have been a frequent visitor on my blog, you might be aware of the book project I tried to organize:

Let’s make a book together project

I never gave it a deadline, because I was scared I’d get no submissions.
How wrong I was!

The responses have been absolutely heart warming and the stories/poems are amazing!
Without a doubt, this book will be entertaining for both young and old!

And since I can’t wait to publish the book, I have also set a deadline for submissions:

(This is also approximately what the book cover will look like).

If you like to participate, please read the original blog post as linked in this post!

If the deadline is a bit too tight for you, I am happy to organize a part 2 to be be published towards the end of the year!

Thank you!



  1. I SO needed this. Having a deadline will motivate me more. While I do hope to have my piece to you way before then, I think the deadline is plenty of time for all.

    The cover draft looks great!

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  2. Yes, it’s absolutely brilliant.
    Just this morning, I discovered that Microsoft Word can actually read the text out loud.
    It sounds a bit robotic, but audiobooks are my preferred way of “reading”.
    Kinda makes me want to make it into an audiobook as well, hhaha

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  3. Interesting! I guess some people work better with a deadline.
    I am looking forward to see your story!
    I have created a group email for everyone involved and send updates when there is one.
    As you could imagine, I couldn’t contain myself and add more drawings to most of the slightly longer stories 😄

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  4. Oh, yes. I remember having to format a Microsoft Word document to set it for just that capability. It’s very interesting, and we might just consider releasing an audiobook version as well–although we would have to find a great way to include your illustrations for audiences to enjoy.

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